Copy paste problems - Excel 2007



We upgraded to Office 2007 a few months ago. One user in my office suddenly
can not copy and paste to different workbooks in Excel. He can c/p within
the same workbook, but if he copies a cell and goes to another workbook, the
paste icon is grayed out. If he opens his clipboard, he can copy and paste
between workbooks, but not to its full capacity (i.e. will only copy and
paste as values even though he is not selecting "paste as values"). This is
happening on both xls and xlsx files.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks!



Dave Peterson

Any chance that the user has two different instances of excel running?

I'd ask him to close one workbook (and that instance of excel), then Open the
second workbook via the office button (in the first instance) and try the

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