Copy/ move selected data from workbooks to seperate worksheets or workbooks




I have 100 financial statements in 100 seperate excel workbooks, how
do I pick and choose some data that exist in those workbooks, import
them into 100 different scorecards ( excel workbooks or worksheets)
and make
calculation such as financial ratios in those scorecards.


Book 1 ( Financial Statements); I have hundreds of rows of expenses
and others, but I only want to pick out the total expenses of admin,
total insurance expense, total payroll expenses, and bad debts which
will appear in scorecard 1 (excel workbook or worksheet). In the
scorecard 1, I
want to put some formulas to calculate financial ratios such as debt
coverage ratio, operating income per unit of apartment...

I have about 100 properties in 100 workbooks that needs calculated
monthly. How do I automate this?

Many thanks




The task of automating reporting from that many different files is gigantic
and too great to tackle in a forum like this.

I suggest you find a consultant who is adept at both Excel and databases and
ask that person for advice.

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