copy data/drag to text/import to table.



I am wanting to paste a set of comma deliminted data to a field and click a
button and then have that data imported to my attendees table.

The purpose is to accept email registrations and click and drag the data in
the email to a text box. I tried doing it to a CSV file and then using an
import, but it becomes quite cumbersome having to export the data first then
ensure its in the correct file and import etc. It seems that the would be a
way to paste it to a txtbox and then have access look at the data and import

I am using access 2003.

sample data as follows:

"First Name","Last Name","Street Address","City","State","Zip","Email
","Phone-Home","Phone-Cell","Phone-Fax","Course Name","Course Type","Course
Date &

The other obsticle here is to strip the phone numbers of any (, - or spaces.
so the resulting phonenumber/s would be 9999999999

Any help would be appreciated.


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