Copy and paste special


Lakshmi Vinay

I don't know this is a stupid question, but what is the difference between a
regular copy and paste routine and the copy and paste special -->Formulas on
a cell which has the result of some calculation?
I tried the copy and paste special on a cell that had the formula =a1+a2.
When I tried to do the paste special -->formulas into a cell 2 columns
across, the formula modified as =c1+c2.
If this is indeed what is to be expected, why can't we just use the regular
copy and paste which will give the same result?
I am not keen on giving the absolute references to the formula to make sure
it doesn't change.
Please help.





BSc Chem Eng Rick

Paste Special only pastes the selected element.

Try this, put a border on your original cell and make the text bold. Now
compare the difference between Paste Special --> Formulas and just Paste.

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