Copy a single cell to a cell in a range



I'm an old COBOL programmer trying to port an ancient Quattro (DOS
application to Excel, converting the Quattro macro to Excel VBA. Ther
are only a few kinds of operations I need to reproduce in VBA. Th
first one is this:

I want to copy the value in a single cell to a particular cell in
named range.
The single cell is named "In_pop" in a sheet named Input.
The range is named "C_pop" and is in cells A4:A1151 in a sheet name
The position of the target cell in C_pop is in a cell named ThisWeek i

If this were COBOL, the relevant code would be:
01 In_pop pic 9(5).
01 C_pop_array.
05 C_pop pic 9(5) occurs 1148.
01 ThisWeek pic 9(5) value 862.
. . . . .
Move In_pop to C_pop (ThisWeek)

I would be grately deepful for any assistance.

Tim Car



Chip Pearson

Try something like

Sub AAA()
Range("In_Pop").Copy destination:=Range("ThisWeek")
End Sub

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

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news:[email protected]

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