coping folders with links



I have a folder that contains multiple excel forms within it. One of the
excel worksheet is the "master" of repeated general project identification
such as names, location, number of the project that is the HEADER for all the
other excel forms. The other excel forms link to the "master" and insert this
grneral info. When i copy the folder to use for another project the link to
the "master" worksheet stays with the original folder and i have to update
the link for each excel worksheet. I want the link to the general "master"
not to stay with the original so that i can have many project folders.




Oddly enough I have the exact same question and am seeking the answer -
hopefully some Excel expert can help us out. My support staff has suggested
that I put the folder of files on a flash drive so that it operates as a
self-contained system no matter which computer I plug it into, but that is
only a temporary solution.

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