converting text into years




I have one column of text imported into excel that looks like column A
data...I want to use a function that would give me whats in Column B, that
is, the year of the last two characters in col A...I tried the year function
and it worked for 1996-2000, but not for years gave me 2009 as
a result.

Any help appreciated very much

col A I want Col B to look like this:
01-00 2000
01-00 2000
01-00 2000
01-03 2003
01-01 2001
01-02 2002
01-07 2007
01-04 2004
01-08 2008
01-99 1999
01-98 1998
01-97 1997
01-96 1996

Luke M


I'm assuming you have not "future" dates, so the latest year this function
will return is 2009. If 2009 is not an option, change the comparison to ">8"

Gary''s Student

If the data goes from 1996 thru 2009 then in B1 enter:



Assuming that those are text values, and that the span of years is
from 1931 to 2030, put this formula in B1:


and copy down as required.

Hope this helps.


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