Outlook converting emails from netscape to thunderbird / outlook HELP

Apr 20, 2007
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One of our workers received a new laptop, they were running XP with netscape mail 7.2, and now have a new Vista Business laptop.

I ultimately want to convert the user from using netscape to more common, supported email, so I suggested outlook 2007 or thunderbird 2.x with Lightning calendar and address book thing, until thunderbird 3 comes out with all that built in.

I've tried importing via the import tools, tried copying directly then just running the program, everything I tried doesn't seem to want to import his emails into either program.

I noticed there is no easy "export" settings/emails/address books from netscape to import it later... not even if it was the same version..

So, I backed up the entire profiles folder and tried dumping that in the same place, and still no luck.

Is there anything I can do to either get all the emails/settings into either thunderbird or outlook?

I've gotta tackle this again first thing tomorrow morning, so I appreciate the quick replies/solutions. thanks everyone

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