Converting ASP VB .NET Web Application to VB .NET Executable Question



I have created several VB .NET web applications and will soon have to
start building "real" executables. This may be involved, but how much
conversion is in a path like this? Is it simply recreating the GUI,
give the GUI controls the same name as in the web app and place the
code in different events than the ASP .NET page?

For example, I have an ASP.NET VB.NET web page, uses a database, etc.
The datagrid control, some textboxes, all that. There are events and
code in those events.

I need to take that page and turn it into an executable. Is this
huge, or is this more manageable because of the .NET platform?

Thank you.



Jan Tielens

Well it all depends on how your "old" applications are designed. If you have
a nice 3-tier layered application with a service interfaces layer for
example, you will only have to rebuild the GUI layer. But if you don't have
a layered application (e.g. opening connections and executing sql from a
webform) then you'll have to rewrite a lot more.

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