convert outlook 2003 to outlook 2007



I am converting to Office Professional 2007 from Office Professional 2003. In
doing so, will Outlook 2007 override all of my email information (address
book, inbox, outbox etc)? If so, how can I import all the data that is in
outlook 2003 to the new outlook 2007? I am not using an Exchange Server



Michael H. Lewis

Are you Upgrading from 2003 to 2007? I have not done this, but I don't
believe that it will be destructive. The installer should be smart enough to
do the right thing and only replace the right components of the Office
suite. Everything else should stay in tact, I would hope. This has been my
experience with MS installers in the past. If you feel that you need to back
up your data, do so before upgrading!



Pat Willener

As the previous posters already stated, the upgrade will keep your data.
However it is always better to take a backup before any major system
change. Check Control Panel | Mail | Data Files where your PST files
are, then copy it/them to an external location (while Outlook is closed).

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