Outlook 2007 freezes while migrating 2003 profiles


Alan Watkins

I installed MS Office Enterprise 2007 as an upgrade to MS Office
Professional 2003; where I had two profiles (different POP3 accounts) for
Outlook 2003. The other programs in Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Access,
PowerPoint) all load/start okay, but Outlook 2007 freezes every time I try to
start it - requiring the "End Task" option from Task Manager. I have tried
uninstalling and reinstalling just Outlook 2007 (not the whole suite), and I
cleaned up the existing Profiles (from the Mail option under the Control
Panel); however, nothing has worked. Is there a utility or some other method
that will help convert/migrate the Outlook 2003 profiles into Outlook 2007?
The two accounts/profiles have saved PST files of approx. 200MB (primary
profile) and 5MB (secondary profile). I'm running Windows XP/SP3 with all
current patches.

Roady [MVP]

I answered your question already yesterday when you posted it in another
newsgroup; return there instead of double posting it.

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