Context Menu issues in Windows CE 5.0 with CF 2.0



I'm having trouble getting a context menu to work in W/CE 5.0 with CF 2.0.

I have a CF 1.0 app for Windows Mobile 5.0 that properly displays a context
menu when doing tap and hold on a listivew in the main form. I have
re-created my project using the same source fies in VS 2005, targetting a
custom W/CE 5.0 device and using CF 2.0. Now, when doing tap and hold, I get
the circle drawn, but no popup is displayed. I traced down the popup event,
and is never being fired. However, the listview has its .ContextMenu property
set to the correspoding popup menu.

I also tried a simple test app (CF 2.0 for the same device), where I just
dropped a listbox and a textbox in the main form and assigned a Context menu
to both. However, in this case I didn't even get the circle to be drawn when
tapping and holding. Again, no events triggered at all.

Is there anything else needed for W/CE 5.0 do display a context menu,
besides setting the .ContextMenu property? Why am I not getting even the
circle drawn? Could it be that this CE device is missing some library/DLL?

Any help will be appreciated.

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