CF 2.0 on Win CE 4.1 Device



Is it possible to run CF 2.0 on a Win CE 4.1 Device? When I try to install
the CF 2.0, on the end (after copying all files) it says that it could not be
installed an I should try to reinstall it.

I read some where that CF 2.0 only works with Win CE 5.0. Is this true?

Daniel Moth

It is true, CF 2.0 only works on CE 5.0 (and PPC2003, WM5.0)

Although not supported, you could run it on a 4.2 ARM device. I doubt you'll
have any luck with a 4.1 though... if you are going to upgrade you might as
well go to 5.0 since that is the only one that is supported.



Thanks for these information. My favourite would be to Upgrade to CE 5.0 but
unfortunately the vendor of my device does not priovide an update to CE 5.0.

I managed to install the CF 2.0 and run applications on the 4.1 but then I
installed CF 1.0. After that I could not run my CF 2.0 applications. I then
deinstalled CF 1.0 and 2.0 and tried to reinstall CF 2.0 but it failed. Then
I made a hard reset and tried to install CF 2.0 once more but I couldn't. And
no all I tried to install CF 2.0 on my device failed.

Do you have any suggestions how to solve this problem?

Daniel Moth

Do you have any suggestions how to solve this problem?

The only supported platform is 5.0

Some people have had luck with ARM 4.2


Steve Maillet \(eMVP\)

Remember CF 2.0 is still in beta testing. Your device vendor may have plans
to support it on v5.0 soon after vs2005 releases and they can test and
validate the released version on their device.

Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

What do you need from 2.0 that you can't get in 1.0SP3? In other words,
you're telling us that you must run this software which is so new that it's
still in beta on a device that's two generations old in terms of the
operating system. We need the 'why' so that we can make a reasonable

Paul T.


The reason is that our customer want's us to do it in CF 2.0. He develops the
desktop application with VS2005 and want's to have the mobile application in
the same technology. But if this is not possible or not so easy, I think we
will do it with CF 1.0. The only think I'm wondering is, that th CF 2.0
Framework ran on my device a few days ago and now I can't get it run. So I
thought maybe there is an easy way.

Chris Tacke, eMVP

Your customer can still create assemblies that target CF 1.0 with Studio

Chris Tacke
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