I'm working with Visual Studio 2005. I created an application which is
a MDI.

Imagine that I created a instance of a Form and I added a picturebox,
and others controls.

How can I do to Know which controls has I added?

Please give some tips, I have already searched some information by I
don't kown how to implement.

If you could give me some code it will be very nice

Thanks you a lot



G Himangi

If you mean how can you access the child controls of a form, you can do so
using the Controls property of the Form.

- G Himangi, Sky Software
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I had created an MDI application.

My application has a menu where I can choose the option choose an
image. If I do this is opened a form which has a picturebox and when
the mouse move on I get the pixel's coordinates of this image.

Now, If I open another image and pass the mouse over I get the pixel's
coordinates of this image, but if the mouse goes to the other image I
get also the pixel's coordinates of the image on the window which is
not active.

I just want to get the pixel's coordinates of the image on the active

Any help will be very appreciated. I'd like also apologize for my bad


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