Contact form issue



I wanted to create a form for a specific purpose. Did so, by choosing the
"Contact" form to modify. Made the modification and saved the form (possibly
over the existing contact form).

Now my Contact form has no entries (whereas it should have ALL of my old
entries). Selecting Contact says it "cannot display the folder". Doesn't
have a menu for entering new contacts.

Another folder displays only contacts in that folder (of course).

1. How do I get back to where my Contact folder displays it's contacts?
2. I do want to create a new folder with modified contact info. I have to
assume that there is actually a tutorial on how to do this.

Thanks for your assistance.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Do you mean you saved the custom contact form or did you publish it? There's
a major difference.

How did you choose the contact form to modify, was it an existing form you
put into design mode or did you select it in the Tools, Forms, Design a Form
menu from the base contact form?

What version of Outlook?

There's a lot of forms design information in the forms section at

We need to know more about what happened before we can advise you on how to
get back to where you were before.

What do you mean by "Selecting Contact says it "cannot display the folder".
have a menu for entering new contacts."? Are you sure that's the message? It
doesn't make sense since a form never displays a folder. What menu for
entering new contacts? On the open item or in a folder view?


I have resolved the issue.

I may have published the form, will have to find out more about this before
creating my form. Shooting from the hip, again.

I appreciate your time and thoughts.

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