Connection sharing IP addreses



I'm new to networking - have following situation.

W2K server connected via a cable to a wireless accesspoint. I have a
laptop with a wireless card. Currently it all works ok with the
following IP addresses.

Wired 2k server: ( subnet)
Wirless access point: ( subnet)
Laptop with wireless card (Win98SE): ( subnet)

I then try and share the Dial up internet connection on the W2k box,
W2K prompts me that it must change the IP address of the lan adaptor
to This will affect my static IP addresses.

What should I do to enable the ICS, I have a configuration page for
the wireless access point what should I make its IP address??

Please help I've read that ICS handles all the IP addresses etc, but
confused what I should do with my wireless access point.


Thanks for your reply Doug.

I'm confused - the article seems to me what I need.

So I set the W2K server machine's network card as the internal interface but
would expect to choose the W2K's dial up adaptor as the external interface I
cannot see it (this is step 9 in teh article). Have I missed understood.



Thanks for replying Doug. Remember I really know little about

But I followed the article and it seems exactly the way to go for me
however I
selected the "Server's" network card as the default INTERNAL interface
and was expecting to choose the Dial up networking adaptor in step 9
as the external network interface - I couldn't see this.

Am I doing the right thing???

8.Right-click the Network Address Translation (NAT) node in the left
pane, and then click New Interface.
9.Select the interface that represents your external network
interface, and then click OK.


Doug Sherman [MVP]

In the RRAS console, you should be able to right click on the Routing
Interfaces folder and select Add new interface.

Doug Sherman
MCSE Win2k/nT4.0, MCSA, MCP+I, MVP

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