Connection Keeps Dropping and Network Discovery turns itself off



Hi All,

My connection keeps dropping every once in a while and my computer keeps
turning off network discovery. I'm not sure that the two events are linked
but it smells kind of fishy to me. On an IT colleague's suggestion I tried
disabling the uPnP setting on my router although this doesn't seem to have
helped. The dodgy connection I thought might be due to the microfilters but
I'm not convinced it's them either as it only happens with one computer on
my network.

Any suggestions?



I have seen this with wireless Vista units from many manufacturers, both 32
and 64 bit.
In my sad experience one Vista wireless unit will drop its connection to the
router and nothing short of rebooting the router solves the problem. In the
meanwhile a mix of wired/wireless XP and Vista units are networking
seamlessly through the router.
Good luck.

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