Connect Amstrad PC1512/Sinclair PC500 to standard CGA-monitor


M.O.B. i L.

I have an Amstrad PC1512 with a monocrome CGA-monitor (the special
monitor that came with the computer with built-in power supply). The
PC1512 was also sold as the Sinclair PC500, according to

The CGA-connector is a bit non-standard since it has Composite H & V
sync, while the standard CGA has separate Horizontal Sync and Vertical
Sync. See <>
and <>.
There seems to be some inverted color pins.

Is it possible to connect the PC1512 to a standard CGA-monitor?

Is it possible to convert the PC1512 CGA to S-video or composite video?

[I know the PC1512 is 16-bit but there was no 16bit-group for Amstrad
and I thought someone in the 8bit-group might know about this
CGA-connector. BTW I switched the Intel 8086 to a NEC V30 in my PC1512.]




It will almost certianly be possible to make up a cable to connect to
a standard CGA monitor. As long as the frequency is in the right range
the monitor should sync. Since it's a composite sync it may also be
possible to connect to composite video. I'm not sure the colour signal
though. As long as you don't connect current where you shouldn't
there's no harm in experimenting with a few wires to see if you can
get an image.

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