Best way to get dual monitor support plus TV tuner/VIVO?


I discuss

I don't understand why ATI doesn't make AIW cards that support dual monitor
setup... Most AIW cards only support one monitor.

To get DVI flat panel + VGA CRT monitor + VIVO/TV in one system, which one
of the following plan is better?

1), Standard Radeon 9000 pro card (provides dual DVI & VGA connector) + TV
wonder Pro
2) AIW 9000 pro (one DVI connector, but with build-in TV tuner & video
capture) + second video card in PCI slot

In terms of performance, price and ease of implementation, which solution is

Will there be a conflict if two set of drivers are loaded for two graphic
cards in one system?


I run a 7200 VIVO agp as primary and a Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI as secondary.

Next pc will be some dual monitor video card with the tv tuner as a separate

IMHO, ATI's video-in implementation is just too troublesome for me to want
to repeat it a second time.

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