conditional formatting - problem with #Name?



I have a subform based on a query. The query includes a text field for
"details" and a memo field for "Notes" in which contains additional
information which is beyond the capacity of the details field. I want
to apply conditional formatting (a change of colour) to the details
field on the subform to indicate when there is additional information
in the notes field.

I have based the conditional formatting on an expression which tests
whether the Notes field contains a null value. The notes field in
placed on the subform, as I understand that it needs to be there in
order to apply the test to it, but I have set it's visible property to
"no". However I found that this was telling me that none of the notes
fields were null and when I made the notes field visible I discovered
they all contain #Name? I have placed the notes field on the form in
the usual way by dragging it from the field list and I have also tried
inserting the details of the control source through the expression
builder but it is still giving me the error. In the query the contents
of the notes field show correctly.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


And sometimes the field name is the same as the control name so when you do
some sort of calculation like sum = qty * price.

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