conditional formatting



Can I set conditional formatting to white out a date field on the condition
that a second field on the same form is not null. If so, how?

Jeff Boyce

If you use a query to 'feed' your form, you could do that comparison in the
query itself.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


Currently, a field [mailingdate] is populated with today's date when a second
field, [MonthNotarized] is entered. The mailingdate field appears on a
report for three different senarios of service of documents. I want it to
appear in only two out of the three as a mailingdate is not appropriate in
the third senario. I thought if I could just 'white the date out' with
conditional formatting in the event of the third senario my problem would be

A better way to go about this problem may be: If [MonthNotarized] is
entered and if senario 1 and 2 but not three is true, then [mailingdate]
equals date. Is there code that will do and If, If, Then?

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