Conditional formating a cell containing a date



I need to conditional format a cell containing a date based on 3 criteria...
In the example below I need each cell in column J (containing the date) to
turn red with white lettering IF the date in J* is the current date or
earlier AND I* says "CMM" AND L* says neither "accepted" or "rejected".
Based on my criteria cell J2 and J5 should be red with white lettering.

Who Priority date accepted/rejected
CMM 12/22/09
CMM 12/20/09 accepted
CMM 12/19/09 rejected
CMM 12/18/09

NOTE: I already have two of the three allotted conditional formats used with
conditional formats based solely on accepted (gray background/black
font)/rejected(black background/whitee fonat).

Fred Smith

You want a conditional format like:


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