Need help. Conditional formatting problems



I have setup a worksheet that contains QC information. I created a simple
"form" for the techs to enter there data into and then that "form" is
repeated at least 52 (52 weeks in a year) times on the same worksheet.
Setting up conditional formatting is very time consuming and I need a faster
easier way to do it.
This is what my "form" looks like
Week 1
Date set _*12/28/09_ Organism tested (E.coli)
Initials __DA___ Drug tested 1. (CAZ) 2. (CRO) 3.
(ATM) ........
Lot # _B12_
_I56_ _Q16__
Exp date *12/27/09
1/15/10 5/16/10
zone result __12__
__15__ __23_
Week 2
Date set ____ Organism tested (E.coli)
Initials _____ Drug tested 1. (CAZ) 2. (CRO) 3.
(ATM) ........
Lot # ^B46
____ ____
Exp date ____
____ ____
zone result ____
____ ____
form is then repeated 52 times (each representing a different week) on the
Problem 1*: I need help setting up the conditional formatting so that I can
have the Lot# change colors if the current lot# does not match the lot# that
was entered the previous week.
Problem 2^: I also need to setup conditional formatting so that the Exp date
for each drug listed is compared to the Date Set. That way if they tech is
using an expired drug I can alert them before they go any further.

Is there a way to setup both of these types of conditional formatting
without having to spend the next month setting the conditional formatting 1
at a time?
The only way I could figure out to set the conditional formatting was to: If
cell does not = ___"cell from previous week"__ then format red bold. The
problem with this is that I have to repeat the process 52 times for each drug
on the panel (12 drugs on a panel).
Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Per Jessen


Set up conditional formatting for week 2 using relavive cell references
(without $ signs), then use the format painter to 'copy' conditonal
formatting to following weeks.

Hopes this helps.

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