Concurrent users


Van T. Dinh

Between 1 to over 100 depending on:

* How well the database was designed and implemented.
* How dynamic the data is (write/edit).
* How many users are Read-Only and how many are Read/Write
* How well your network is configured.
* How busy is your network traffic.
* Power and quality of your hardware.

I tend to stick to under 25 (the max per Access specs is
255) but my thought is mainly how important the database
is to the client. For me, if a database is used by more
than 25 users, it is important enough to have proper back-
up / log / restore procedures.

Put it this way: can you afford to have the database down
for a few hours / a day while X numbers of employees
cannot work efficiently because there is no access to the

Van T. Dinh
MVP (Access)

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