Computers leaving the Domain..?



We have a 2k3 server acting as our Domain Controller.

We have recently renamed a bunch of computers to a new naming scheme to
our organization running Windows XP SP2, bound to our only domain.

Suddenly (2 weeks since deployment), we are noticing that the machines
for some reason are dropping from the domain. Opening up Active
Directory Users and Computers will reveal that the machine account is
gone! I have not quite figured out how to reproduce this yet...

Symptoms: At the windows login, tablets I (or other users) have logged
before will report that the domain is not available... At this point I
have no remedy but to log into the local administrator account. Users
can't even login as themselves and access their cached accounts. Once
in as administrator, I can join the workstation to a workgroup, then
rejoin to the domain and be fine.... I haven't confirmed this has
happened to computers that have already been rejoined, however, I'm
pretty sure I've had to rejoin a couple twice.

Any ideas much appreciated!!


Yusuf Dikmenoglu

Any ideas much appreciated!!

how do you installed your Clients ?
With ghost/imaging ?
If so, then use SYSPREP or another SID-changer or
install your Client "by hand".

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