Computer settings in GPO not applying to computers



I have a GPO applied to an OU that contains computer accounts. This GPO
contains a number of computer settings.

Some of the computers will get the GPO settings, some will not. I have
rebooted these PC's that aren't getting the computer settings in the GPO,
ensured that their computer accounts are in the OU that the GPO is applied to
etc, but the computer settings from that GPO will not apply to them ( i
haven't tried user settings yet).

Some more background information...We recently upgraded the domain from
Windows NT 4 (domain name: d04reg1) to Windows 2003 mixed mode (domain name:
d04reg1.local). Any new computers that we add to the domain will get the GPO.
Any Windows XP computers that were in the domain before the domain upgrade do
not get the GPO (they continue to log onto d04reg1)

One resolution is to remove and readd those XP computers to the
d04reg1.local domain. That worked, however, considering the volume of
computers, is there another workaround?

If the reason these computers aren't getting a group policy is because they
are logging onto the d04reg1 (NT 4) domain rather than the d04reg1.local
(upgraded Windows 2003 mixed mode domain), which otherwise provides them the
same access to resources on the domain, can someone provide a detailed
explanation as to how this impacts the application of Group policy? I am
assuming the answer relates to DNS.


Steven L Umbach

Verify that the problem XP Pro computers are using the same exact dns
servers as the computers that are work [use ipconfig /all assuming dns
servers are NOT specified via Group Policy] , which should only be Active
Directory domain controllers. Check Event Viewer on the problem computers to
see if any pertinent messages are shown and run the support tool netdiag
also looking in particular for errors for dns, dc discovery, kerberos, and
trust/secure channel any of which could explain the problem. --- Steve

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