Computer is running slow cpu at 84% or higher



My system is running dead slow and each day its gets harder and harder to
work on it. I had a look at process running on Process Explorer to discover
that the System is taking up most of the cpu time.
Most services under this are:smss.exe csrss.exe winlogon.exe services.exe
several svchost.exe SavService.exe (sophos anti-virus) spoolsv.exe
AppleMobile, Apache mDNSResponder and etc. most seem legit.
Any other way of telling which is the culprit?


Process Explorer is helpful if it highlights an unexpected high CPU
usage for a particular process at a time when it should not be doing it.
However, some spyware masquerades as a legitimate process. There are
other ways to investigate the problem you are concerned about.

What are your anti-virus and anti-spyware arrangements?

Do you shutdown your computer after use or leave it on 24/7?

Try Ctrl+Alt+Delete to select Task Manager and click the Performance
Tab. Under Commit Charge what is the Total, the Limit and the Peak?

How large is your hard disk and how much free space. Right click on
your C drive in Windows and select Properties to get this information.

What is your CPU processor speed? How much RAM memory? Right click on
your My Computer icon on your Desktop and select Properties to get
this information.

Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk CleanUp to
Empty your Recycle Bin and Remove Temporary Internet Files. Also
select Start, All Programs, accessories, System Tools, Disk CleanUp,
More Options, System Restore and remove all but the latest System
Restore point. Run Disk Defragmenter.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
Enquire, plan and execute


Anti-Virus solution is Sophos Anti-Virus set to read all files.
Computer is turned off everynight (used to leave it on until a month ago).
Commit Charge is 428976; Limit: 2524280; and Peak is 635980
after disabled all apps on startup:
CC is 325600; Limit: 2524280; and Peak is 636144
moved a lot of files around and freed up quite a large amount to give me:
Drive Space:
Cap / Free
C: 34.4G/9.25G
D: 34.4G/30.6G
H: 465G/373G

Computer Stats
CPU: P4 2.8MHz
1GB Memory

Plan to get more memory!

After I turned off all programs from msconfig, no noticeable change.
Ran ad-aware to detect 2 viruses in Java.tar files.
Running at about 80-85% CPU Usage.

Any other ideals?



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