Computer constantly accessing floppy drive



Is there a way to see just what is loading or what is
happening when your computer is booting or shutting down.
#1 just because I'm nosey,
#2 is when I boot up something tries to read the floppy
drive 3 times, it just growls away for a second or two.
When I shut down it does this also. My NAV is not set to
scan drives on boot. I thought this would also be a great
troubleshooting tool to be able to see exactly what is
loading or starting and when.


Hi there, you can see what happens while you boot up if
you wait for the logo screen to appear and then hit ESC.
Hope this helps.....Mike

Frank Jelenko

Most BIOS's have an option to 'seek floppy' during the boot sequence. It
happens fairly early in booting - while there's still white characters on a
black background.

This 'seeking the floppy' lasts [my estimate] 1-2 sec.

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