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We are a large organization with large number of computer
accounts in AD, we constantly add new computers to the
domain or remove them. My questions is: How do I keep AD
updated, i.e. have some automated way to delete old
computer accounts that no longer exist or have not been on
the network for a period of time? Any suggestions will be
appreciated. Thanks,



Russ Phoenix

Hi Sayed

I realize that I'm not the only network administrator with these kind of
problems. Personally I've been using the active directory janitor for
tidying my AD from these left-over computer accounts.

Have a look at it in , it's worth a try

Regards Russ



Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


It looks like adjanitor is very promoting it's product here in these

I use the same thing that Jimmy Anderson suggested: oldcmp from This is a command line tool that you can find in
his free C+ Tools section. I really like it and have used it many times.
Essentially, you can create a dhtml report ( that is my choice as far as
formats go ) that will list all of the computer accounts that are more than
90 days old ( by default 90 days - that can be changed with a command
switch ). You will then have to disable those accounts. Once you have
disabled them you can delete them. It might seem like additional steps but
it is really a matter of a few seconds. As this is such a powerful tool Joe
wrote in some security so that you have to really mean to delete computer

I have also looked at the evaluation of adjanitor. It looks very nice. The
GUI is very attractive.

Anyway, you need to make the choice: do you want a CLI tool for free that
has a ton of security built into it or do you want a GUI tool that costs
$50.00 and possibly lacks the security ( can not really speak to this as I
had the evaluation version.... ).



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