Complicated Calculated Field Logic

Jun 7, 2012
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I'm new to access and database building in general. I'm trying to calculate a college student's classification based on the number of completed credit hours they have. I have a field called "Credit Hours Completed" and I'd like to use the following logic to automatically display a text value for their classification.

If [Credit Hours Completed] is < or = 29 then print("Freshman")
If [Credit Hours Completed] is within range 30 to 59, then print("Sophmore")
If [Credit Hours Completed] is within range 60 to 99, then print("Junior")
If [Credit Hours Completed] is > or = 100, then print("Senior")

I've read through the Access Help on IIF statements and I'm not sure how to string them together or apply this logic to them.

I'm wondering if this logic is too complex for a single calculated field? If so, can anyone think of a way I could emulate this across multiple fields? If not, can anyone give me a hint as to how I might write this?


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