How do I query a calculated control?



I have a table that records a customer's transactions. Each transaction has
a debit and a credit field to record the cost of an item and payments the
customer has made. Each customer will have several credit and debit entries.
I have a calculated control that shows the balance on a form and calculates
the balance by totaling all the debits and all the credits and then
subtracting one from the other. I need to produce a report that only shows
customers whose balance is not null and not zero. What is the simplest way
on achieving this, please?

Dale Fye

Without knowing your table structure, it is a little difficult, but something
like the following should get you started:

SELECT CustomerID, Sum(NZ([Credit], 0) - NZ([Debit], 0) as Balance
FROM yourTable
HAVING Sum(NZ([Credit], 0) - NZ([Debit], 0)) <> 0


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