Completely invisible taskbar (Start icon is shown)



After installing windows Vista Ultimate, when windows rebooted after the
upgrade the taskbar is now hidden. The strange thing is that the start icon
is shown, the taskbar area is there tranparent, but the items on the taskbar
(clock, active applications, etc) are not seen. The machine is a Aspire 5670
with 2gigs of memory, 120gig hard drive, intergrated camera & ATI X1400 video
card. The Acer empowering technology software has been removed. I attempted
to use the fix for windows XP pro (remove STUCKREN and the taskbar settings
would be recreated) but all that happens on the reboot is that the taskbar is
shown during the time startup applications are running and then the taskbar
dissappears. When you go into the settings, I have to unselect the HIDE
TASKBAR and check the box to keep the taskbar on top. The open windows and
the icons move as if the bar is there but you can't see the taskbar at all.
The start icon is available and use able.



Chad Harris

Hi P & E Global ( I thought I knew a lot of names but I sure am learning a
whole new bunch of 'em here):

1) You could try system restore if you have appropriate restore points.

2) I'd also run SFC (System File Checker) this way:

Type cmd in the search box above Start button>right click when it pops
up>run as admin> type at cmd prompt:
"sfc /scannow" (space before the slash/lose the quotes). This scans
thousands of files and replaces corrupt files with intact ones.

3) Try this reg tweak done for you by Kelly Theriott MSFT MVP of the Year a
couple years ago:

Restore Taskbar and Start Menu

which came from this excellent list of Tweaks (most of them work for Vista)

which came from this excellent site:

Also you can use some of this utility for free and all with a small
contribution to Kelly:

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!.htm

This is a great teaching site and much applies to Vista and Windows and
other MSFT Programs as well:

Good luck,


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