Complete PC backup fails



Complete PC backup (to DVD) was one of the first things I tried with my new
Windows Vista (business) pc. However it failed with this error (from event

"Backup started at '18/02/2007 15:43:13' failed as Volume Shadow copy
operation failed for backup volumes with following error code '2155348021'.
Please rerun backup once issue is resolved."

The text of the error in the PC backup window was:

"The backup failed. Not enough disk space to create the shadow copy on the
storage location (0x80780035)."
"Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage
file or other shadow copy data (0x8004231F)."

A bit odd with over 300Gb of free hard disk space!

The list of hard disk partitions PC backup finds (and wants to backup) are
the C drive (OS_install) and a 'hidden' partition. This 'hidden' partition
was put on the hard disk by company I bought the PC from (a common practice
nowadays I believe). This is a facility to restore (you press F10 before
windows boots to boot into this partition which contains the 'factory
settings' of the OS). The partition is listed as "Healthy (EISA
Configuration)" without an assigned drive letter. You can't do anything with
this partition (in Computer Management) as Right-clicking it just give you a
'help' option.

I've searched on the internet and other forums for help on this but have got

I have since partitioned the hard disk into C (OS), D, E, F. When I try PC
backup now it lets me select which partition to backup except the C drive and
the hidden partition! - Still fails.

My theory is that there is not enough (or no) free space on the hidden
partition to allow the system to create the shadow copy files!

It seems to me two possible solutions:

(1) Find a way to deselect the 'hidden' partition from PC backup utility.
(2) Extend the hidden partition (I had enough free space for this), but I
don't know how to go about it.

Any help or ideas will be very appreciated!


Usually an utility is proved by the OEM with which you can copy the recovery
partition to removable media. In addition the utility also provides for
"deleting" the recovery partition - using the OEMs removal utility also
removes the MBR modification (e.g. Press F11 to recover) made at the time
the recovery partition was created.

Have you "thoroughly" RTFM (Read the "Friendly' Manual) or check the OEM web
site regarding removing the recovery partition?

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