Complaint about the MVP REHAN: #20050730



Attention Mr. Eddy and Mr. Brown both of Microsoft

Well, I guess you are both on Holiday. This bot will keep posting until you return and reply to the complaint as it is outlined in this message. As you have also not yet replied to the question of who are your supervisers, I will remind you that I require that information as well. Failure to provide that information will be commented upon when the written complaint is sent to the V.P. which will also include the total number of these messages sent before you replied.

An MVP who wishes to remain anonymous (and from what I hear that's exactly what he should do) has pointed me towards the below message. I fully expect you to do your usual NOTHING, but I rather thought that the rest of the world should witness your reaction. So here is the message...

Re: John Kelly - The Thread of Doom!
Rehan </Forums/User/UserProfile.aspx?UserName=Rehan> <> Joined: 21 Apr 2004 Total Posts:
Posted: 30 Mar 2005 05:53 AM For those who do not frequent the ms nwsgroup:
As his attacks increased in frequency and viciousness I finally gave in and
broke my restraint with this j**k. A flame war erupted where he met equal
measures of blows and the drama ended with him humiliated and running away
for a week.... Sorry but only a week... Will try harder next time :)

The attacks he refers to were the ones where another MVP had to tell him I was correct and that he was WRONG. Equal Measures !!!....this guy is a screem...he should be on the stage....Will Try Harder Next Time ??? Hmmmmmmmmm

Now then...the below message from Eddy.


I have received multiple complaints regarding personal attacks made by
you in the microsoft.public.windowsxp.moviemaker newsgroup. After
reviewing posts made by you, we believe that they are abusive and
violate the Rules of Conduct for our newsgroups as listed at We would
request that you refrain from using the Microsoft newsgroups for
personal attacks.

If you disagree with our assessment of your posts, or have any
questions, you may contact us at (e-mail address removed) or myself directly
at (e-mail address removed).

John Eddy
Microsoft Newsgroups Administrator

This one tears me seriously....the complainer TED BREWER was brought in as a special event to the newsgroup to post that complaint....but people with short memories will not realise that he posted one many weeks before where he also said I was being added to his kill file. Brewer would have ordinary users believe that he is a casual spectator (he is NOT a poster in any sense of the word as he only posts according to the needs of others)

Now lets take a look at some of the other Numerous complainers you say you have received messages from.....Middleton = Parker = Prestonian...and as each of these identities have stirred up flame wars and as they are all the same person that leaves us with the thought that it was a concerted effort. We now have another "mvp" called Hughes who has joined forces with Parker and after all this time clearly identifies himself as one of the trouble makers it leaves you with a vey diminished list of so called complainers and three prominent "mvp"'s who are not exactly what you wanted in that role. Yet you still encourage them, so it seens. Why is that? Have you dug yourself so large a hole that you can no longer climb out. What future do you see for yourselves???

The attempts by a person using a woman's name (see other thread in moviemakers forum by woman claiming to be blocked. More on that below) and the person calling himself KDE to initiate additional arguments.....I was fore warned...SO SORRY just cant trust anyone.

The woman complaining she was blocked....well who/where would you run to in order to complain about being blocked from a website???....of course...go to the moviemaker forum and post a message titled "Who is John Kelly"......Pathetic fellas...really pathetic

Rehan and his helpers from the was suggested that I lay a trap, actually the idea was already in mind...So I post a message based on a TV advert in the UK. That advert stats that the human eye can actually see less than one million colours....what happens...REHAN digs out a 7 year old web page and quotes a section of that page out of context..he also added words that are NOT in the document....I forget and can't be bothered to check the exact wording but it was almost designed to make you think that the flame starter REHAN actually knew the Dr. in question he referred to him as being HIGHLY respected in this field etc A Comment clearly designed to start an argument .....and then another funny of the friends of the flame starter REHAN adds comments to the thread in this group about the number of bits and what they are used for in an image.......but SHE included her normal signature......go check and look for any time prior to this event for messages by this person????

Another clear attempt at starting a flame war...and by an MVP


Well, I guess you both have "A" picture, you made rehan a Microsoft Valued Professional LOLOLOLOLOL

While I am thinking along these lines, YOU mr eddy...and your vicious and nasty attack on me when I posted a message to a whole bunch of newsgroups by mistake...REMEMBER ???? Yes Mr. Eddy (Microsoft Newsgroups Administrator) I remember.....I continually referred you to the rules of Usenet and you repeatedly said you did not comply with those rules......lets just take a little look at your message above... Ah Yes...I can see (e-mail address removed)....hold on a said........

I won't bother adding any more to the above....I just want the public to see exactly how you deal with complaints when an MVP (papajohn) is caught out over his blatant lying...SIXTY THREE NEWSGROUPS being just one example LOL and what you do when a complete novice (rehan) tries to back up the LIAR made him an MVP as well !!! LOLOLOL

And you wonder why I turned down your offer to discus being an mvp myself further LOLOL

A far as your e-mail goes mr eddy...I really could not give a hoot what you say think or do (because I can prove that papajohn is a LIAR) far as your "Review" goes....don't make me are clearly highly biased and quite happy to steer a conversation in any direction that suits just you and those you protect.and having done a very quick check, I find that I am not alone when thinking this..... When that chap wished you would die, did you ban him from ever using a Microsoft Newsgroup??? What did you do when REHAN hoped that I would die soon?? (in one of his messages posted in here)

Finally, you are blacklisted and neither you or Brown will be able to send further insulting emails



John Eddy [MSFT]

In my initial private email to you which you have published to this
newsgroup, I gave you two email addresses at which you could email me to
further discuss this issue.

You responded and expressed that all emails from me would be blocked from
that point forward.

I will not carry on this conversation in a newsgroup. If you wish to
discuss this matter further, you may contact us at (e-mail address removed) or
myself directly
at (e-mail address removed).

John Eddy
Microsoft Newsgroups Administrator

John Kelly

Well Well,

Thank you for taking time out off your holiday to come to this specific
news group, on a weekend at that, and look for messages addressed to you
and Mr Brown....Of course the main person the message is aimed at is not
you but Brown.

A conversation is only private if all parties involved agree to that. I do

With regard to your refusal to comment in here...would you like me to post
all of the messages by you where you have very forcibly posted in here on
matters that would have been done better in private. Matters I might add
that revealed your true nature and your lack of knowledge on the very
subject you are expected to be proficient in. I would not want to add the
title of no standards, or perhaps, Many Standards to your profile..What am
I saying?? I already have added those to your profile, and can now prove it

As the issues including the manipulation of the puppets is directly linked
to this newsgroup and as REHAN the instant expert has wished me to DIE in
this newsgroup, and as that wonderful list of NUMEROUS complainers you say
you have has (and I believe you already knew) reduced to zero except for
Parker (aka Middleton, aka Prestonian, and very likely other identities as
well), Sanchez and a couple of friends of papajohn, Oh yes, lets not forget
brewer, "a casual reader" of this newsgroup who some how manages to appear
within a VERY short time to reply to a message. Pretty good for a man who
has posted only 4, that's FOUR messages in this newsgroup , and all of them
were replies to me....curious that.

It will be interesting seeing how you proceed from here.

It has been with some relish that we have watched the manipulation of the
newsgroup in the last week, the deliberate baiting and assistance from your
most VALUED professionals has caused quite a laugh here. Its all going to
add to an already detailed description of your activities and those around

The complaints are against YOU and Brown Mr edy as well as the LIAR
papajohn and the guy who claims he is going to do better LOL (rehan)

Do Take note Mr edy, Your refusal to deal is going to be commented on
elsewhere, your refusal to give details of your supervisor are going to be
commented on else where and these issues are not closed until I say so.


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