Compatible or Original toner cartridge for Apple Laserwriter 8500?




I am looking for a laser toner cartridge for my Apple LaserWriter 8500 laser
printer. The original part number of the toner cartridge for this printer is

Unfortunately, Apple no longer manufactures this printer nor its toner
cartridge and so I will have to find an alternative supplier for the
cartridge other than Apple. I found a few suppliers online [1] [2] [3] [4]
who claim to supply the original M5893G/A cartidge. (These suppliers must
have bought the cartridges about 5 years ago from Apple (when Apple still
manufactured them) and stored them for all this time. I am really not sure
how they manage to supply these original cartridges which are no longer

I also phoned my local authorized Apple dealer who indicate that a
"compatible" cartidge made by "Xante" (part # 200-100041-4G) is one that
will be a good substitute for the original Apple LaserWriter 8500 toner

What risks do I take in using a "compatible" cartridge such as this one made
by "Xante" in the Apple LaserWriter 8500? Is it possible to damage the
printer or to compromise its performance or quality in using a non-Apple
cartridge in my Apple LaserWriter 8500 printer?

There is one other possibility as well which is to purchase a "rebuilt"
cartidge. These usually cost about half of the cost of the original ones.
But again, I do not want to risk damaging or comprimising the quality of my
LaserWriter 8500 printer just for the sake of a few dollars saved on a toner

Or is it always better to use an original Apple cartridge? How reliable are
toner cartridges supplied at such online suppliers as these [1] [2] [3] [4]

Thank you for any suggestions.






Happy Seeburg Olympian Owner

I use a compatible with my laserwriter pro 630 it works just fine

most places rebuild old cartages make sure they guarantee them if they don't
work you can get a replacement!



Wasn't this printer based on the same DataProducts Printer?

It's been a while :)



Wasn't this printer based on the same DataProducts Printer?
It's been a while :)

I am not sure Larry,

I also have heard some people say that Canon used to make the cartridges for
Apple but I can't confirm this.

Thanks for the comment!


Well, the LaserWriter 600 and 630's are nothing more than Canon EX engines
(same as the LaserJet 4's), so the HP cartridges work just fine.


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