Comparing Tables



I have looked at the postings for this but don't quite understand.
I have an excel doc that is now a table used in DB.
There are several fields, Carrier, Client_Name, Appeals_Phone, Fax,
Comp_Add2, City, State, Zip
I get a revised table every quarter and would like to compare the old and
new and see what changes there are.
For example Carrier 1234, Client Sesame Street, Appeals_Phone 999-999-9999,
Fax 123-456-7890, Comp Ses St, Add2 1234 Big Bird Lane, Yardley, PA, 12346
Now a new list comes in and the address is different 4567 Big Bird Lane.
How do I run a query against the 2 tables to find out what the differences
are and make the change to the original table. Also find out what is not
listed any longer on the new table from the old.
Please let me know if you need more info to assist.



Jerry Whittle

Is there a field in the data that you get quarterly that could be considered
the primary key or at least unique? For example is the Carrier field unique?

If so you could run a Find Unmatched Query Wizard to find records no longer
in the table.

You could also run a Find Duplicates Query Wizard to find records that are
duplicates, then use that result as a subquery to leave just the different

However if there is no primary key candidate field OR the data in the
primary key can changes, such as a company name, the results might not be all
that good.

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