Pull info from access to excel userfom and edit an existing record



Hi All,

I have created a system which consists of a Userform in excell and database
in Access. Rite now I have the following features in the form:

- Users can insert data into the database through the userform by clicking a
button "Enter"

I want to add two more features:

1. I want users to pull info from the database into userform fields
Eg: if user enters "User ID: " fields like "Name" "Phone" "Fax" should
be pulled from access into respective userform fields.

2. Once the user pulls these data from access, the user should be able to
update their details and on clicking "Enter" button that particular users
data should be updated in access.
Eg: If ueer enters "E111009" in the "User ID:" field the details pulled
from access are" "Name: Tom" ; "Phone: 123 456 7890" ; "Fax: 122 333 4444"

so once user updated his "Fax" to "999 999 9999" and clicks "Enter" I want
the new fax number to update the users record. I dont want to enter a new
enter in access once anything change. I want to identify the same row and
update that particular row if there is any edit made to the record.

Hope I made it clear,

Thanks in Advance




something like this
With rs
.Fields("Name") = Me.Textbox1.value
.Fields("Fax") = Me.Textbox2.value
End With

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