Committing system settings with FBWF?




my XPe runs from CF card and is protected by EWF. Because the new FBWF seams
better suited for my demand, I want to use it in the future. I want to use
the FBWF to commit changes on system related settings, e.g. network settings
(IP adress etc.). I've tried this successfully by changing the IP adress and

fbwfmgr c: \windows\system32\config\SYSTEM

After reboot the new IP adress is _not_ lost. OK, that's what I want. My
problem is, that I've no in-depth knowledge in XP operating system details.
So I want to know, where does XP stores all it's system related settings like

- network settings (IP adress, DNS, DHCP, computer name...)
- WLAN configuration
- desktop resolution
- time zone settings
- user accounts
- group policies

Is this stuff all stored in the registry only? As far as I know, the
registry is saved in some files under "c:\windows\system32\config\". Am I


But which files are for what? Is "c:\windows\system32\config\SOFTWARE"
related to "HKLM\SOFTWARE"? And "c:\windows\system32\config\SYSTEM" is for
Where are the user settings (HKCU\...)? Is it riskless to commit only one
of them?
If I simply want to "save all XP system related settings", what
files/folders I have to commit? Are there some other important files beside
the registry, which have to be committed additionally?

I would be glad, if someone could answer just some of my questions, or point
me a good online resource or book to read, to fill the gap in my knowledge.
It's not the first time I realize, that having detailed knowledge about XP
itself would be very helpfull when developing with XP embedded.

Any hints are welcome,

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