FBWF immediate commit, graceful shutdown needed?



I am currently developing a Windows Embedded Standard image for a flash-based

To be able to protect the flash, and to persist specific registry keys and
folders, i am using the FBWF (file-based write filter) in conjunction
with the registry filter.

The idea is that a user application can store files, and then use the
"fbwfmgr /commit" (or the API) to persist changes beween reboots.
BUT, this only works when doing a graceful shutdown (xpepm -restart). I was
under the impression that the commit would happen instantly (without the need
for a reboot)
I have also tried to add a folder to the "write-trough list". Changes to
this folder also dissappear if the power is lost. (but works with a xpepm

In other words, i want to be able to do modifications and commit the changes
immediately. The FBWF is suppose to do this, but
it does not. This system can run for a very long time without a reboot, and
it is not possible to perform a safe reboot for every change (updating
configuration files etc).


Thanks in advance,

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