Comments box, kinda.



Hey guys.

I am trying to edit a worksheet and everytime I click on some of the
cells a small yellow box with information appears. It looks just like a
"comments box" but the cell doesn't have the little yellow triangle in
the corner and the yellow box can be moved around the screen but not
edited at all. I really want to edit the information in the "comments
box" but I don't know how to. The only way I can manipulate it at the
moment is by moving it around the screen or by hitting "esc" on the
keyboard and it dissappears forever. I have tryed obvious things like
"cell formating" and right clicking on it but to no avail. As I don't
know what its called i cannot look it up in the help file.

So my question is. How do you edit that little box?

Any help greatfully recieved as it is driving me crazy.




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