command not working to get netsh to block a single IP


Bennett Haselton

I have XP Pro SP3. The Windows Firewall is enabled.

I am trying to block a single IP from the command line for testing
purposes. The command "netsh firewall set portopening" outputs a
reference explaining the different options:

set portopening
[ protocol = ] TCP|UDP|ALL
[ port = ] 1-65535
[ [ name = ] name
[ addresses = ] addresses
[ interface = ] name ]

(followed by lines explaning the options in more detail)

So I took that to mean that the following command would block local
programs from connecting to ( port 80:

netsh firewall set portopening protocol=ALL profile=ALL port=80
mode=DISABLE scope=CUSTOM addresses=

When I run that command it outputs simply "Ok." But my browser can
still connect to port 80 (even after restarting the
browser), I can still telnet to port 80 on the command
line, etc. Did I do something wrong? What's the command to block
outgoing connections to a given IP and a given port?

Also I'm not sure how to get netsh to show me a list of IPs that are
blocked. The command "netsh firewall show portopening" shows only the

Port configuration for Standard profile:
Port Protocol Mode Name

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