Combobox DropDownList control layout/format issues



Hi there,

I'm using VB.NET.

I have a Combobox DropDownList on the far right hand side of my windows
form (unfortunately I can't move it, it has to stay there). The
problem is that there are several items in the dropdown that are very
LONG, and you can't read everything in the space provided. I modified
the DropDownWidth property so that the words can fit, but because the
dropdown is on the right hand side, when I click on it, the dropdown
expands to the right off the screen! I can't even see the scroll bar
if there are several items. Is there a way to have the dropdown expand
upwards and to the left when I click on it? Unfortunately due to
design constraints I can't move the dropdown somewhere else!

I've tried changing the Anchor properties but those don't do anything.
Am I missing something?



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