Combobox does not accept key stroke




I am using .net 2.0 windows forms. I have a combobox with following

DropDownStyle : DropDown
AutoCompleteMode : SuggestAppend
AutoCompleteSource: Listitems

Now When I run the form and go to the combobox and type something it
works just fine. combobox suggest items as well.

If user does not select anything from combobox and hit submit button, I
am populating datagridview with all data.

Now when user select any item from combox and hit submit button i am
populating datagridview for that specific item.

The problem is user can type into the dropdown and dropdown suggests
the item as long as someone clicks submit button first time.

As soon I populate the datagrid first time, I can not type anything
into the combobox. I want user to type into the combobox and select
items at any time.

Its kinda strange. I would highly appreciate if someone can help me





I'm having a simlar problem. If I leave the combobox alone, my new
form will open fine. If I select anything from the box, nothing else
works, my buttons stop working, the close doesn't work, the only think
I can do is stop the debugger.

Did you ever find your solution?


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