Lining up external combobox with datagridview column


Andrew Jocelyn


I'm very new to windows forms. I want to use a comboBox to do I kind of
'change all' on some datagridview columns cell values. i.e. The user selects
a value in the dropdown and it changes all the cell values in the column it
applys too. AutoSizeColumnsMode is Fill so I would like to lock the comboBox
to the column that it should apply too.

What options do I have?

Many thanks


I am new to using these groups and replied to you rather than the group, can
you please post my answer back to the group. Thanks!


Okay, I guess my reply never reached you. Here its again:
I am assuming that your DataGridView is bound to either a collection of
objects or a Dataset/datable, you can update this bound collection and
rebind or refresh your grid. You can hook up this code on the Comobox
SelectedIndexChanged event.

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