Combo chart format- what is the best way to achieve this design?



I have a line chart with multiple lines that represent performance Jan-Dec. I
want to put in something like a stacked column chart on the right edge of
this line chart to show target ranges for end-of-year performance. In my
case, the desired effect is to have the last possible point on the line graph
(Dec) touch the edge of the stacked column chart to make it very clear where
the line hit the target ranges.

I played with 2-axis charts to make it easier to move the stacked column
around, but then I run into problems with scale- if the first Y axis scale
changes, then I have to manually change the stacked column scale to match,
otherwise the lines don't hit the stacked column in the right place. I need a
fully automated solution, so that won't work.

I tried adding "month 13" and putting the stacked data there; it worked
pretty well, the only problem is that the Dec data point ends in the "middle"
of the Dec gap , and the closest I can get the stacked columns is at 0% gap
width, so I'm still 50% gap between the last data point (Dec) and my target
ranges (blank month 13).

Are there any clever (and hopefully simple) ways to get the Dec point to
touch the stacked column graph? My other option seems to be to put the
stacked columns in Dec, but then it actually overlaps my data (also
undesirable, because I need to put labels in the stacked column, and then the
overlap with Dec data makes it hard to read).

I appreciate any advice or suggestions!


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