Combo-box and switchboard issues



Hi all,

I’m having two issues that make zero sense to me. I really hope someone can

1) I have a form with a sub-form. There are 2 combo-boxes on the main form
and 4 on the sub-form. The record sources for 5 of the combos are queries on
various tables (the 6th is a value list). This form is used by my full-data
users who have Read Data/Design and Insert Data permissions on the underlying
tables. Five of the six combos work just fine. When logged in as a full-data
user and selecting the problem combo box, I see the error “Record(s) cannot
be read; no read permissions on ‘Inspectors’.â€

This is NOT true – I’ve double, triple, and quadruple checked! I’ve also
compared the properties on the problem combo against one of the working combs
and can see no differences (other than the obvious such as record source).

2) The second problem is with my switchboard (for my full-data users). On
one of the pages I have 3 buttons that open up 3 different forms in edit mode
so that the full-data users can add new data. The first 2 buttons work just
fine in launching their respective forms. Selecting the third button gives
the error “There was an error executing the command.†Using the Switchboard
Manager, I see no difference in the three commands to open the three forms.
As well, my full-date users have Open/Run and Read Design permissions on ALL
forms. Though not stated explicitly in 1), my full-data users have Read
Data/Design and Insert Data permissions on ALL forms.

This too seems like a permissions issue (my read-only users get the same
error but that’s fine since they don’t have permissions to enter data into
the underlying tables).

What’s going on? This is driving me batty!

Thanks in advance for any and all help.



Try a few more things. Is the problem on the machine or the persons logon?
Have user logon using a machine that has no problems.
Are you using several backends?
Do they have rights to all the drives/directories?


Is this Access 2003? That problem drove me nuts until I found out Microsoft
has a patch for '03.


Hi Karl,

I'll try on a few more machines to ensure its not the machine. While I'm
thinking of it, I'll add another user to that group and try logging on as
that user.

No, I have only one back end. I'm testing this for deployment in another
city (we're looking at terminal services for future use but for now they'll
have a separate but identical database) so for now their version of the front
end, back end, and MDW file are all in the same folder on my network drive
location. I'm testing by logging into the database as various users to ensure
that users of the various groups can do what they are intended to do. At the
same time I'm logged onto the network as myself so I'm thinking there
shouldn't be folder or drive permission issues




I found the patch here <> and applied
it but no such luck.

I've gone so far as to give Full-data users full administrative permissions
on the Inspectors table and I'm STILL getting an error telling me that there
is no read permissions on 'Inspectors.' AARRRRRGGGGHHH!

Please help me. :(


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