Combining data



I have information on employees in 2 spreadsheets. Is there a way to link
all data for a certain SS#. Basically I want all data to be side by side so
I can compare the data. I'd like to have SS#, Data from SS1, Data from SS2
as my columns. It's taking me forever to go through and make sure the data
i'm comparing is for the same person.




Data assumed in cols A to C (say), in row2 down in both Sheets1/2, with col A
= key col (SS#)

In Sheet1,
Put in say, E2:
Copy E2 to G2, fill down to the last row of data in col A to return matching
rows from Sheet2 for easy comparison.

You can do a similar construct in Sheet2 to pull over matching rows from
Sheet1 for Sheet2's SS# (Just change "Sheet2" to "Sheet1" in the formula

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