combine data from several worksheets into single worksheet



Dear All,

In a workbook, I have several worksheets that have data about rainfall in a
particular month. Each worksheets is actually for each day. In the individual
worksheet itself, there will be a column that has the date and time for the
rainfall. For example: first record will be 30/4/00 00:00, and the next
record will 30/4/00 00:05, the third record will be 30/4/00 00:10 and so
on... ( so you can imagine when there is actually 24hrs in a day.. )

We would like to calculate... totals and average of a rainfall for the whole
month.. so we would like to consolidate all worksheets in the workbook and
make it into a single worksheet workbook. This way, we would be able to
perform pivot table to analyze the data.

I am not sure if my questions are clear enough. But please ask more if I
have left any important details in my question. Any help given are greatly
appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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