Colours changing in the fill palette and the spreadsheet?



I have a user with Office 2003, and her pc and build is standard as with her
In Excel the colours would change (cells filled) also if the user goes to
her pallette the colours have also changed.
Desktop and all other applications colour are fine.
The following resolutions have been tried - office detect and repair,
updates, asked the user to got to the tools options and reset the pallette
and this does not work.
She has to log off and back in again in order to set it back to the proper
Again this is only affecting Excel?
Any pointers?
I wish to thank you in advance for your assistance.

Shane Devenshire

Is this only on one machine? It may be the default workbook. Check the
XLStart folder, if there is a workbook there delete it.

Color palettes belong to the spreadsheet, not Excel. So you can open Tools,
Options, Color, and click Reset to return to the defaults for that workbook
but the default workbook may have a different pallette so everytime you start
a new workbook that is waht gets used.

Also check the file for a macro that may be setting the colors.


Hi Shane
Thank you for the response.
I have looked on the user's machine and the XLStart folder is empty also
none of the said spreadsheets have macros running.
Any further suggestions would be welcomed.
Phil Freeman

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