Code not executing when form is opened from additional mailbox


Jim Fazakas

I have been having a problem for a while now, but can't figure it
out. Code doesn't execute on a form if the form is accessed from the
inbox of an additional mailbox in Outlook. This additional mailbox is
called 'Help Desk'.

If the form is sent to my inbox, the code executes when I open it.
The code won't execute if the form was sent to the inbox of the 'Help
Desk' mailbox and then accessed via my Outlook profile, which has the
'Help Desk' mailbox configured as an additional mailbox in my profile.

The code will, however, run if I move the form from the 'Help Desk'
mailbox to the inbox of my primary mailbox and then open it from my

If I close Outlook and open it using the profile that has the 'Help
Desk' mailbox as its primary, then the code on the form runs just

We are using Outlook 2003 w/sp3 and Exchange 2003. All of our forms
are published to the Organizational Forms library and are NOT one-
offs. This problem has been found with everyone in my department who
has the 'Help Desk' mailbox configured as an additional mailbox.

Has anyone ever heard of this and have an idea why code won't run on a
form it is being accessed from an additional mailbox?

- Jim

Jim Fazakas

Thank you Sue! I read the document in the link you provided. The
option I needed to enable did the trick. Code is now executing when
the form is opened from the 'Help Desk' (additional) mailbox.

Happy New Year !!

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